Rotary International is a worldwide organization. Everyone is aware of our club. Each club is part of a district - ours is District 5280. District 5280 covers most of Los Angeles. Each district is part of a Zone - our is Zones 26 and 27. Zones 26 and 27 cover much of the western United States.
Zones 26 and 27 have put out a new resource called ExpertHub. From an email they sent out this week: "Rotary members in your District now have a new “go-to” resource for answers and insights to Rotary-related questions. It’s the Zones 26 & 27 ExpertHub™. This free resource connects Rotary members who have questions about Rotary topics with fellow members who have expertise and experience to share."
So if you have any questions about Rotary, please use ExpertHub to reach out to leadership in our Zone to help! We also have resources at the District level as well, but wanted everyone to be aware of this new resource available to us.