Our 6th Annual 2022 Teachers of Excellence Award winners
2022 Burbank Rotary Teachers of Excellence Awards! Picture this... being an incoming kindergarten and having to log into Zoom for your first day of school. Now, picture being a high school senior attending your first day of your last year in high school on Zoom. Not fun, right? Now picture having 25 boxes on your monitor, each with a student that you are trying to keep focused while teaching them everything they need to know to continue to grow... that is challenging. But this has been reality for all the teachers around the world.
Today at our Rotary meeting, we were proud to be able to show our appreciation by presenting our annual Teachers of Excellence awards to four local elementary school teachers. Each teacher received a grant from our Burbank Rotary Foundation, as well as a package of supplies, from Club President Carolyn Blundell.
  • Ms. Albarian from Washington School,
  • Ms. Bertole from Edison School,
  • Ms. Anderson from Jefferson School, and
  • Ms. Carr from Emerson School.
Congrats to all!