Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday for the soft opening fundraiser at Urbane Cafe. Thank you for sharing this event with everyone you knew and supporting our foundation!
We had an awesome turnout of members, families, friends, co-workers, and the public. Between the money we raised at the restaurant, online donations from people who couldn't make it to the event in-person, and the extremely generous match from Urbane Cafe, we raised $6,008!!
Great job to everyone in the club for helping make this happen, and a BIG thank you to Urbane Cafe for partnering with our Burbank Rotary Foundation. This money will go a long way to help support many activities to help the Burbank community.
The Burbank location is Urbane Cafe's 24th location! We were lucky enough to be their first of three soft openings they had last weekend. Friday lunch supported our Burbank Rotary Foundation, Friday dinner supported Family Service Agency, and Saturday lunch supported the Boys and Girls Club Burbank.
It was great hanging out with the staff at Urbane Cafe on Friday. Caprice and Julia from the marketing team were super fun and had great energy. The manager, John, is a Burbank local. He grew up here, graduated from Burroughs, and still lives in Burbank! He was extremely welcoming, friendly, and just fun to chat with while we were there. The owner kept coming around with warm chocolate chip cookies for everyone waiting in line. And we found out that the owner of the company's wife also grew up in Burbank and went to school with Sunny's daughter. It's funny that even in such an urban area like Los Angeles, it can feel like a small town. The hiring team at Urbane Cafe is doing a great job.
If you missed their YUMMY sandwiches last Friday, you'll get a chance to taste them at next week's meeting. Or if you want to stop by for lunch/dinner, they are located in the big shopping center on the corner of Hollywood Way and Verdugo. They have a great mix of sandwiches, salads, soups, and bowls, with freshly made focaccia bread and cookies. Here's a link to their menu and their rewards club. You can follow them on Facebook to find out about any special events or promotions they have coming up.
Here's a photo album of a few pictures that one of my friends took on Friday. If you have any photos you'd like me to add to this album, please email them to me. Thank you to Ross Benson, who took the first photo posted below.
Albert, Michelle, and Stephanie B.  -- Photo credit: Ross Benson
Sunny and friends
Stephanie B. chatting with people in line
Special limited time sandwich: Steak chimichurri sandwich