We assembled the kits last Thursday, April 6th before the board meeting. We will be presenting the grant to Albert Hernandez at our meeting next Tuesday, April 11th.
We will need volunteers to deliver the baskets to families! If you are interested, please contact Stephanie: stephanie@timelytotals.com or cell: (818) 471-5233 for details.
Photos from the assembly last week:
We're all done! Carole, Stephanie L., Cynthia, Stephanie B., Olivia, Michelle
A picture of most of the items we are giving to HALA families. Not pictured: pens, notepads, hand sanitizer and a house cookie cutter that Barry got from Jodi Borelli at Chicago Title! Oh, and IKEA plastic cups/plates that are kid-friendly.
Cynthia & Carole - counting all the silverware!
Michelle & Olivia - carefully packing all the glasses
Stephanie L & Nathan - arranging the pens, notepads, hand sanitizers, and cookie cutters from Jodi Borelli at Chicago Title