Greetings, Rotarians~
Hope everyone is well. As mentioned at last week's meeting we have an opportunity to assist the Home Again L.A. organization with their annual Holiday Gift Drive Thru Distribution Event. On Friday, December 16, from 5pm to 7pm Home Again LA will host a drive thru event at Little White Chapel for 75 of their families who are in transitional housing or living in local motels. 
We need 12 Rotarians to help load up the family's vehicles with the gifts that were provided to them by Walt Disney Company. In addition, we are providing the families a prepackaged meal, so there's plenty to do. With the number of families driving thru we will need to find out the family name, search for the gifts (which will be laid out in alphabetical order) and stuff the cars. 
We really could use your help and make this a Rotary event as I don't have other volunteers coming. Reminder that these are families who we recently placed into housing and without this event; may not have had a nice home cooked meal or gifts. So many of these families exhausted their savings on their security deposits or are learning to manage their new bills in their new home; so you will be bringing so much joy to families who are working toward stability. 
If you are free please email Albert Hernandez. Home Again LA could use 12 volunteers; and consider wearing your Rotary shirt.