The Rotary Club of Burbank Noon has been in existence since 1923. Since that time our club has had thousands of members representing many professions. Although the individual members have varied throughout our 100-year-old organization, the one thing we all have always had in common is our passion to give back to our community through service.
We welcome members of all ages (18 years and beyond), professions, ethnicity, genders, etc. It is our diverse membership that truly makes us unique, and our varied skills come together to help our Burbank Community and our club to thrive.
We continue to make an IMPACT in our Community and throughout the World:
  1. We, as a community, successfully continue to navigate uncharted waters balancing the needs of our members, our mission to support our community and our global partners during a very difficult pandemic environment.
  2. Provided support to our community schools by doing a Drive By Book Distribution event and visiting classrooms to read to local school children and donate books to their classroom.
  3. Continued to provide funding to Rotary International to help communities affected by environmental disasters, food shortages, and helping to end Polio.

    ...and much more!
Here are some tips on how you can become a member:
  1. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
  2. Visit a club meeting. There you will meet with current Rotarians and you will have an opportunity to see and hear what we are all about.
  3. Ask questions and look at how you see yourself contributing to the club and our community,
  4. Once you realize that this is the Club for you, download the application here and  turn in the Application to our Membership Chair or Club President,
  5. Await for our next monthly board meeting to have you membership application approved; but continue to attend lunch meetings,
  6. And finally, upon being approved you will be asked to pay an induction fee of $25.00 which covers your pin and badge
Financial Costs Associated with Membership
  • Monthly dues: $35.00
  • Lunch (Optional): $20.00 per lunch
  • All members are billed monthly. You can pay with ACH transaction, check, debit/credit card.
    Debit and Credit Cards have an additional fee to cover the cost of the fees associated with the transaction.
Upcoming Events
Did we miss anything?
...if not, please join us at one of our meetings. You'll find a group of like minded individuals who are looking to do good in the world.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Club President at president@burbanknoonrotary.org or our Membership Chair at membership@burbanknoonrotary.org.
Once you are ready, Click here to download the Membership Application fill it out and bring it with you to your next meeting.