Read about our morning with Project Angel Food!

Last Sunday, eight Rotarians and friends show up for our shift at Project Angel Food. Upon arrival, we were trained on the importance of safety, cleanliness, and attention to detail in the kitchen. Since Project Angel Food's main mission is to provide medically tailored meals, measuring portions and ingredients correctly was of the highest importance.

With radios playing upbeat music reminiscent of a disco throughout the kitchen, we got to work on our various assigned activities - packaging fresh fruit, thawing and preparing tilapia, cutting up cauliflower, and portioning over a 1,000 containers of cereal. We concluded our four hour shift a bit sweaty, but definitely feeling accomplished and fulfilled knowing we helped a great organization help those in need.

We look forward to our next Project Angel Food adventure! Here are a few pictures from last Sunday. To see all the photos, please check out the photo album.

Stephanie L bagging fruit
Sunny & Jenny cutting up lots and lots of cauliflower
Michelle R, Olivia, and Michelle B at the tilapia thawing station
Stephanie B portioning lots and lots of cereal - Corn Flakes and Cheerios